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I was delighted to play in this server, too bad there are stupid and jealous people, it takes everything to make a world, I hope that will change one day, take care of you, good night
hello my friend make a funny video at youtube "Auto Mix " go check it :
Eid mubarak 4 my old Bros, Peace
Enjoy watching Smile)
sa7a Eidkoum
كل عام و أنتم بخير
unbans , adminship applications , complains and reports must be posted here
AutoMix's Servers
Automix1 :
Automix2 :
Automix3 :
Automix4 :
Automix5 :
Automix6 :

Sub Forums:
Admin Applications / التقديم لتصبح ادمن,
Unban Requests / طلبات فك الحظر, and 3 more.
718 2,547 report admin
8 hours ago
by kossovic
[Classic] 29 100 add admin M7MD
04-12-2021, 08:45 AM
[Dust2Only] 769 2,675 ADMIN
05-10-2021, 04:55 AM
by __T.!ËST0
[DeathMatch] 99 289 unfair GAG
03-01-2021, 04:16 PM
[FunMod] 85 268 someone use wallhack in s...
05-03-2021, 10:54 PM
by Wolf24
[HeadShot] 29 72 banned IDK HOW AND WHY
09-07-2020, 03:36 PM

Clan section
section for teams/clans
Clan information
16 Replies 2 Topics Important Information
10-06-2018, 12:38 AM
by Dolmisher
Clan requests
you can request here for your clan to create your clan section
Sub Forums:
8 Replies 6 Topics Clan Request
07-12-2019, 02:04 PM
by binnstar
Here is the clans section
Sub Forums:
iN | intelligent Network Clan
17 60 [ iN ] News & Announcemen...
07-17-2019, 11:08 AM
by LuNNN.

News - الاخبار
آخر التحديثات و الأخبار التي حصلت في السيرفرات
120 Replies 30 Topics عيدكم مبارك
05-14-2021, 07:47 PM
by __T.!ËST0
Competitions / المسابقات
للمسابقات الخاصة بالسيرفرات
58 Replies 11 Topics Merry Christmas & Happy N...
01-03-2020, 10:10 AM
by Gunshot_only
Report Problem / التبليغ عن مشكلة
if there's an issue/problem in server , please report it here لو يوجد مشكلة واجهتها في السيرفر , ارجوك ابلغ عنها هنا
Sub Forums:
Fixed Problems,
593 Replies 139 Topics Hacker.......
05-02-2021, 05:49 PM
by Dz_Player
Introductions - التقديم عن نفسك
هل أنت جديد هنا؟ عرفنا أكثر عن نفسك
533 Replies 118 Topics HOLIN CHAPTER 23 OUT!
01-15-2021, 01:13 AM
by holin!
Discussions / نقاشات
ناقش عما يدور في رأسك هنا
592 Replies 152 Topics my friend chara
05-15-2021, 09:59 PM
by Ayoub Dz
Guides / ارشادات
هل لديك طرق وإرشادات تفيد في اللعب وتطوير المهارات؟ شاركنا بها هنا
145 Replies 30 Topics The Best of ZywOOO - conf...
02-23-2021, 10:54 PM
by TuneMenu
Maps / خرائط
هل لديك مابات جديدة؟ شاركنا بها هنا
124 Replies 34 Topics Suggest Maps for Automix
03-25-2021, 01:04 PM
by Uwuawooga
Suggestions / الاقتراحات
للاقتراحات والملاحظات حول السيرفرات
843 Replies 192 Topics Auto move afk
05-10-2021, 09:12 AM

Join Us On Facebook - انضم لنا عبر الفيسبوك
- Replies - Topics
Join Us On Steam - انضم لنا عبر ستيم
- Replies - Topics

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