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thanks d luffy
@PEDRITO follow this guide and make unban request on automix section :
@algestine no ban active with ur informations and u are already joined and this is ur last log ( 11/01/2019 /21:50:35 -> [Connect] SaDaM - STEAM_1:0:715842983 - - Algeria - Steam game ) so if u can't join or something like that try to uninstall ur game and try again
lets go now me there
@ProKiller miss u in funmod :\
hi all ho miss me for 2 days_the bro of all__
when admin ask me to scan, i have some problems to pass scan quickly beacuse my computer was hanging up, so admin(redbull ) ban me, here is my scan its clean u can seee. And m the player who play normal in arabian server and also some admin knows me. Regrets
@algestine why what the problem?
d luffy fiftar help me i cant play
my requete accepted but i c'ant play hey d luffy fiftar help me
Be cool/clean and fair Wink First rule on arabians servers bros & dont camp in base pls ty Big Grin
And I hope you will do it again ... because this time i will give demo to proof that u are not right.
@akii i defend no one i ... I complain about your abusif ban you made to me ... i didn,t forget.
weird tizi .. so u defend a hacker Wink lol keep bross u are good
Ty @_BRAVE_ for end of story Wink cya soon Bro
@ALGERIA banned again, this time for steam id changer, this mean you use hack.
lol Kicked : You are BANNED. Check your console again banned ..4 day
Thx brave but forum need more active admin the owner can't do evry thing
@MoNke¥.DRAGON ty bro you'll se me <3
@D LUFFY of course ... it's what i said ... : i hope @ALGERIA will includ his demo to his report thread
News - الاخبار
آخر التحديثات و الأخبار التي حصلت في السيرفرات
109 Replies 28 Topics احتفالا بالفاتح من نوفمبر...
01-14-2019, 12:44 PM
by antityranny
Competitions / المسابقات
للمسابقات الخاصة بالسيرفرات
42 Replies 8 Topics Competition On Cs1.6 Stea...
12-28-2018, 07:38 PM
by Dolmisher
Report Problem / التبليغ عن مشكلة
if there's an issue/problem in server , please report it here لو يوجد مشكلة واجهتها في السيرفر , ارجوك ابلغ عنها هنا
Sub Forums:
Fixed Problems,
95 Replies 18 Topics Please Fix this Bug
12-27-2018, 12:08 PM
by woOW1123
Introductions - التقديم عن نفسك
هل أنت جديد هنا؟ عرفنا أكثر عن نفسك
392 Replies 96 Topics I'm back ! VVVVVVVVVVVVVV...
01-13-2019, 11:19 AM
by fiftar
Discussions / نقاشات
ناقش عما يدور في رأسك هنا
397 Replies 109 Topics Best Zombie Player Ever?
01-08-2019, 07:12 PM
by rawr
Guides / ارشادات
هل لديك طرق وإرشادات تفيد في اللعب وتطوير المهارات؟ شاركنا بها هنا
88 Replies 18 Topics اعدادات للشراء بسرعة في ا...
01-07-2019, 07:32 PM
by antityranny
Maps / خرائط
هل لديك مابات جديدة؟ شاركنا بها هنا
116 Replies 33 Topics [ Fun Mod ] New maps
12-25-2018, 07:07 AM
by .:WЁ§ŦĆǾλ$Ť:.
Suggestions / الاقتراحات
للاقتراحات والملاحظات حول السيرفرات
620 Replies 152 Topics good idea
01-01-2019, 04:41 PM
by MoNke¥.DRAGON

Clan section
section for teams/clans
Clan information
16 Replies 2 Topics Important Information
10-06-2018, 12:38 AM
by Dolmisher
Clan requests
you can request here for your clan to create your clan section
Sub Forums:
3 Replies 2 Topics iN | Clan Request
08-29-2018, 02:59 PM
by Nea
Here is the clans section
Sub Forums:
iN | intelligent Network Clan
16 55 join IN| Clan
01-09-2019, 09:47 PM
by Dolmisher

unbans , adminship applications , complains and reports must be posted here
AutoMix's Servers


Sub Forums:
Admin Applications / التقديم لتصبح ادمن,
Unban Requests / طلبات فك الحظر, and 3 more.
451 1,542 Unban
2 hours ago
by Alexey
[Dust2Only] 350 1,457 I Found my demo ALGERIA
Yesterday, 06:25 PM
by _BRAVE_
[DeathMatch] 51 137 Admin application
01-13-2019, 04:50 PM
[FunMod] 56 180 Admin request at Funmod
1 hour ago
by .:WЁ§ŦĆǾλ$Ť:.
[HeadShot] 11 22 Admin Application
09-10-2018, 08:03 PM
by LuX

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