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[NEW] AWP Limiter and First blood revive

Hello all

Some new updates to Dust2 server

1- New dynamic AWP limiter added instead of old one

Now AWP  is not allowed except when:

there is 10 players in server = 1 each team limit
there is 20 players in server = 2 each team limit
there is 30 players in server = 3 each team limit

2- First blood from each team will be reborned (revived/respawn) only if  died in first 15 sec of round start 


1- C4 destroy
2- VPN blocked and not allowed anymore due to security reasons

Best regards,
Arabian Servers Team
If you cant see except what lights show you and cant hare except what sounds announced 
then you are far away from truth in this world.

hello .......Everything is fine except for a VPN that is sometimes needed when there is a problem in the Internet. In addition to this, the majority of players are those with weak Internet.

Cool! Hope the VPN blocker is OK as wakas said some people use it because of internet problems.

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