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Salam Alaykoume,
For several days columbia has not supported me anymore, because he cannot play against me because I beat him every time that it is in 1v1 or in 5v5, suddenly he accuses me on several occasions of wall hack and well after my scan, he became sad and shut his mouth, speaking of his mouth, he urges other players to vote against me to make me get out of the game and laugh behind my back, he mute me many time with no reason and many Arab players have confirmed to me his racism and his abuse of his admin rights, unfortunately for him he can never tell the difference in any part in this game so he is press these teammates to win, go to this steam page, you will see .., after killing him 5 times in a row he found a bogus reason to ban me, a real sissy, don't trust this person, he's just a sore loser, good night.

First of all ban was not in game, was out of game after your words in Shoutbox

2- i dont care if i lose 16-0 (and i did it sometimes) not a reason to ban, its more a reason to laugh.

3-Never accused u of anything (see that u are not good player), but someone asked your scan once and u ran away, u had to do it that time.

4- i shouldnt be discussing this, but u came to play and u were almost last of your team, and i on top of mine! Go check if u want. But this i dont care how much u wanna discuss, cause for me it´s zero!

5- Ask any player that it was on that server how u was all the time, thats why i gag u. Well, a vote was made even, people said YES, cause u were beeing provocative! Holin even answered u on the Shoutbox here on forum!

6- about racism, and this is the part of the ban:
6.1-or u prove that im beeing racist , and i quit by myself beeing manager/admin.
6.2- or u dont get the unban till then

What u accuse me off is very hard, a thing i will never accept, so when u have the proves, come show me!!!! Till then u dont play here anymore!

Have a nice time!


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