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F0rGet <3

Hello All f0rget is back <3

As the dust settles on the battlefield, the players of the (Arabain servers) know one thing for certain
- when you hear the crack of a sniper rifle, you better take cover. For among them, there is a legendary Counter Strike 1.6 player, a master of sniping skills that rival the greatest marksmen in the game.

With a sniper rifle in hand, you have honed your skills to perfection, hitting your targets with pinpoint accuracy from across the map. But your mastery extends beyond just snipers - you are equally adept with the M4 machine gun and Kalashnikov, able to unleash a hail of bullets that can take down any opponent foolish enough to cross your path.

But it's not just your weapons that make you a force to be reckoned with. Your high gaming skills are the envy of all who face you, as you move with the grace and precision of a true gaming master. With each move, you demonstrate a deep understanding of the game's mechanics, predicting your opponents' strategies and countering them with your own.

To the members of the Arab servers, you are a legend, a player whose name is spoken in hushed tones, revered for your sniping skills and high gaming prowess. And while the battles rage on, they know that with you on their side, victory is always within reach.

Good luck when you play vs me Smile miss you my old friends SHIFT & Oday & Anon & Aleyafealthebeat & Skillz & other players im glad to play next to you all

thank you for reading

you friend enemy ( F0rGeT ) <3
[Image: b_560x95.png]

I feel like speechless, losted all words and That's not me, i blame my English dictionary. 

Welcome back to your CS 1.6 home  Heart
If you cant see except what lights show you and cant hare except what sounds announced 
then you are far away from truth in this world.

Hey bro & welcome back
Have Fun ..<3
Regards, ♪ Noises  

ty mates <3
[Image: b_560x95.png]

Spectacular Player

welcome bro Even tho im bot

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