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message to columbia dzeo and marcus

first of all i want to apologize to dzeo and marcus for what i said about morocco, i swear to god i was just angry. morocco is a good country with beautiful people, no need for me to say it, its the truth.and if you ever played with emirak steel or marcus you knew they are very nice and respectful players. i was pleasantly surprised how many players care about me have come up to me privately asking whats going on why im banned i feel like i let them down, they know im big baiter and childish at times but not racist its been almost two years since i joined this community and its like a small family for me. now columbia if you decide to give me another chance i promise for all i have i will be the nicest guy on the server and my behavior will be beyond reproach, i cant change the past but i have control over my future i just need a chance to prove it.once again im sorry to dzeo and marcus

i think you've had too many chances too be honest mate.. that being said, i'd give you one final chance.. but its not up too me. just my opinion.
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I feel like if you're not given another chance you will rage about it like in the old days

(05-03-2022, 09:59 PM)spectrum Wrote: I feel like if you're not given another chance you will rage about it like in the old days

no no why rage i think it's already over for me perhaps tesco is right perhaps i used all my chances. take care of yourself spectrum

Palid good guy, it's still a game created on 2004 ..., stop banning for nothing..., it like he kill someone in real life or sell drogs loool

mdk the voice of wisdom ?
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The zemmourian voice

Palid, thats not for me for sure. Marcus is also manager, he banned u, so he takes your case.
I dont have a thing to do with it.

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