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Unfair Ban by admin holin1 - SwordkaNNNN - 10-07-2021

[AMXBans] =============================================== 
[AMXBans] You have been banned from this Server by Admin holin1. 
[AMXBans] You are permanently banned. 
[AMXBans] Banned Nickname : ShaozexiaN 
[AMXBans] Reason : ' Wallhack ' 
[AMXBans] You can complain about your ban @ 
[AMXBans] Your SteamID : ' STEAM_0 : 1 : 23320543 ' 
[AMXBans] Your IP : ' ' 
[AmxBans] Server : Arabian-Servers.Com [AutoMix-1] ( de_mirage ) 
[AmxBans] Created in : 10/06/2021 - 21 : 17 : 27 
[AmxBans] Expiry in : Permanent 
[AMXBans] ===============================================

this admin banning without even asking for demo tho, and not even sus moment on my demo !
if u want check here is my demo when i played the mix

RE: Unfair Ban by admin holin1 - holin! - 10-07-2021

RE: Unfair Ban by admin holin1 - SwordkaNNNN - 10-08-2021

dude seriously ???
i expain ur video one by one, tbh i u don't know nothing about the game, lets go
clip1: i spray transfer long because i hear'd him before so it's was reaction spray transfer
clip2: as u see i see all the players so i didn't prefire or preshoted someone they were all visible for me and u can't judge me for this
clip3: it's nor normal i had info his ramp and my friend hiding ofc i will get aim placment for every posession
clip4: u remove the parts !!!!? if u go littel back u can see that i already see him and make my crosshair on him ! why u lie ????
clip5: i even didn't fucking shot him cuz i was blind omg u ok bro ?
clip6: u will now judge cuz i was littel afk and scratch my noise ??? and they were normal shots ! and last guy my crosshair was not even on him i got littel time reaction so u have no proff of my wh or cheat

ps: vac ban is for csgo and u can read first comments in my steam profile why i get vac
i understand how u always play vs M and M- u think all players like them running dying and banning me for those shots
take look
and many accounts, u think gameguard didn't detect me so u did ? xdd