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Spawn protection in headshot - ismainau - 05-11-2018

        I'd like to suggest changing the system of spawn protection in Headshot server, because actual one doesn't protect from spawn campers at all. Everytime you spawn you get killed by one of them , and you can't turn and kill him , because you don't have enough time to  get a weapon. the only chance you can get to kill him is when he's reloading or maybe if you duck. A lot of players play like this , and are very known in the server. 
        It's really annoying, i suggest changing the spawn protection system, maybe adding more time to it , or keep it enabled until the player shoot one bullet...
I'm pretty sure every player in headshot server faced this problem and got annoyed, and a lot of them will agree to this suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

RE: Spawn protection in headshot - D LUFFY - 05-13-2018

yes I'm with you

Once I played in the server when the enemy reached the spawn. You can not find one second to attack it unless he make a mistake in shoot or in reload as u say ect....

We must reconsider this point because the game actually becomes boring .


RE: Spawn protection in headshot - BeetleJuice - 05-14-2018

Sounds good though.

I was in same position some time ago. Yes, Very frustrating.

But i timed my reflexes and overcame it. Its difficult though but possible and it will improve reflex as well.

So i just adjusted and i'm ok now and take down enemies quickly after respawn.

So lets get more opinions on this.

For me personally, its ok.

Learn hard, Play hard Smile

RE: Spawn protection in headshot - D LUFFY - 05-15-2018

Not all players have the same patience.

We must calculate everything

Instead of being boring and difficult

Why not be fun and easy accessible to all players   Smile

We must win the confidence of the players and provide them with the conditions of play possible in order to come back again

Personally I can endure the difficulty Big Grin  but should not take risks .