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this is for snoopy

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And i will tell you a thing or 4 things, you idiot
In these matters I am not lying
1) I came to this community before you and I know everyone in this community and you come to tell me "you don't know us." i was manager here ya weld 9a7ba
2) Since you don't want anyone to mention Fiftar in front of you, why do you use his nickname and some admins use his nickname?
3) I think I meant the wrong person and asked him to solve my problem, but you French frowned like this, since I saw you getting harassed Cinder [chaal] I knew you weren't the right person for this job
4) Even if you don't unban me, i will come to the server one way or another to play because Nea is not here to protect you, not even brave or fiftar
I will not read, you're a waste of time.  Wink

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