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Unban Please - Sai777 - 05-09-2018

Slm, sai here. I got banned for wallhack and I dont know why rly. I use steam and I play since 2015 on steam, have 2244 hours of play and never got vac (ofc). Now I got banned for wallhack after I send wargods scan . On wargods It showed cheat detected (awp crosshair) once, then (Cheat Model) wtf!!! First I didnt knew those 2 are cheats and If they were cheats by my opinion I would get vac long time ago. Second when I was downloading those models and awp crosshair everyone said its not cheat exept if u play for professional team. So lets be clear, I dont want to argue with anyone here I just want justice and fair play. So if you guys want to unban me, do it, if dont want to unban me dont do it. I have other servers to play.  Wink  [Image: jfj0cj]

RE: Unban Please - BeetleJuice - 05-09-2018


Well that's not a nice position to take. If like unban, if not i find other servers???

If you believe you are a good player, why not use default models and crosshair???

So lets be clear, play fair and clean up your CS Smile

I suggest you bring DEMO for review.


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RE: Unban Please - Sai777 - 05-11-2018

Okay I got it, consider this. In 2015 I got steam and cs after 4 yrs of break but my pc was low config and I had 40 fps max. But I still didnt even thinking about cheats and then I've heard on pub and automix also they talking about awp crosshair and esl models. So I got to google and found it. It was cool cause it give you little advantage and what even more better is that everyone said its not cheats. Then in 2016 and 2017 I wasnt active for months because work and travels. I come back to cs in 2018 or few months earlier and upgraded my pc and continued playing and taking my old skill back Cool  without even thinking on models or awp crosshair to be cheats Confused .
So here is why I said its same to me unban or not unban. I wont play it long-term and I dont wanna become best or super pro, I play for fun. If you dont unban me I can just continue playing pub or other automix and if you unban me Im sure you will get fun. You may think why I posted such long text but Im just little bit angry sometimes cause there are many admin cheaters and they dont care who to ban, they ban someone cause he killed them. When I played long time ago it was much more fun and better and less cheaters. Also Im admin in one public server since 2015 and we are having such great time and fun when we play together, they are old good guys Angel . And you can ask all players who know me from automix did I ever swear to anyone and how many times (just to prove that Im not lying). Big Greetings Heart

RE: Unban Please - Nervo - 07-21-2018