Shoutbox archive

Shoutbox archive
type in console like this say + ctrl v
salam alikom all Big Grin
wait @_BRAVE_ to unban u
i see your report u r clean
press ctrl +v to pest it
انا معرفتش احط السكان بالكونسل
وين الادمن ياجماعة
admins here?
Any admins online??
happy independence day for algeria!
try contact him on steam maybe musi if you haven't already
if general or automix manager or owner see this message pls reply, i forget the pw from set info and cant join pls pm me
the problem is : i forget the pw, i ready send brave @ pm, didnt answer
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rCPWdYUA1GI only frags from Arabian servers! Enjoy brothers in arms
have not*
yes its because you have setinfo _ musi
Use the setinfo _pw that brave sent you
Can some on help me? i get this when i join the server * Invalid Password! Kicked :"You have no entry to the server..."