Shoutbox archive

Shoutbox archive
@mazonlyduck tell me what you want on hs ?
we need admin on Only Hs server
Shoutbox problem ?
Greetings to y'all Members of arabian servers community !?
Anyone aware of crytopgraphic error on wargods?
@-{Cheikh__DZ}- khatini ana noob hhh
TIZI VO say ban tna7a ghadwa {Tuesday} arwa7 nal3bo
hello my loves
@-{Cheikh__DZ}- ya sid cheikh ki tescani lazem tkpun ftaht cs ta3ek bach yemchi scan
@-{Cheikh__DZ}- hhhh slamet rassek
khawti 3tawni ban 4 weeks+2days ?????????????
salam alikom
any head admin check my threat
Hey all
ozil try to make unban request in death match section not in Aouto mix section
salam alikom
i have high ping these days so plz dont ban /kick me Big Grin