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Shoutbox archive
hi all
next time ban any gotlek @Bernard
hadi ghilizani ou zbi ... ???
@Bernard Shaw wch had tetya7 nta3k ???
He just can't type the reason wallhack. Everyone will think that i'm not clean
Bernard i'm not here to disrespect him. But all players knw that i'm a gd player & A clean player
wlid el kahba i will talk to him tomorrow. No report no shit. Only bad words work for el ghilizani ta3 zebi. NIK MOK ila yawm eddine ya wlid el kahba Cinder ta3 zebi
Sorry and thank you guys. Take care everyone.
He banned me permanent & he type the reason Wallhack. Just wanna say everyone knows that i rage but it's not fair to ban me permanent for a bad word that i said & not fair to type the reason wallhack
Hi guys i'm Pal, Everyone knows me on the mixes my previous nickname was (lienetic). Admin BRAVE banned me cuz i said why didn't u help me & a bad word (just a rage) & i said nothing after saying it
I REPORT THIS 2 CHEATERS p4u_oupppppsss + BaChOuSsSs
Since when u accept SOB on the server ?
who is the bot who made him admin on dd only server ?
he keeps banning people without reason
there is a son of a bitch named Cender
pls admins help tadcrazy
Okay I will, thank you @ZA3IIIIM
@tadcrazy You will get answer soon from @_BRAVE_ or @fiftar just be patient
Someone go to my thread and unban me please, been waiting for about 4 days..