Shoutbox archive

Shoutbox archive
give me link where to upload coz zippyshare is not working for me
you must to upload your demo !
and got ban for wh lol
idk what happedn there but was like a bug i was t and spaw in ct lol
i got banned from automix
where i have to post a demo
plz unban me
hi all
oLLE make another unban request bcs i can't reply on this theard and copy consol information and past it in u request
Thanks once again @Nea Smile
@-afgg- tack! Jag har provat att streama lite på youtube. Men då flöt inte cs på riktigt som det brukar. Så jag väntar med det tills det blivit en ny burk Smile
i am oLLE
again BANNED on public server by admin. please witch admin is ??? omg
i watched it holin, nice work
som vanligt grym video holin, du borde streama på twitch?
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=a4pqgTqKGps new video just out with only frags from Arabian Smile
Will be back soon bro's