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Hello folks

Again admin IMSORRY kicked me yesterday without any reason , he said "sorry my keyboard fucked up" , ROFL YES OFC!!!
this came after i was on top winning round after round,and killing him each round, he was of course angry and abused his admin power by kicking me and came with the dumpiest excuse ever (keyboard bug) hahahahhaha , seriously we aren't dump IMSORRY

I remind high staff here that this is the second time that he abuse admin power on me under fake pretexts (in less than a week) ,he banned me days ago for nothing just because i owned him on server ,same reason, thanx that beetljuice unbanned me, after i posted an unban request

Now either this admin want to plays alone without good players we will let him plays alone,  or just apply community rules and seriously take action against this admin for once only this time he will leave us "good players" alone and stop this childish behavior

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