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I want It
Your Game Name   :    Galaxy
Your Real Name     :  Abd Assamad
Your Age                  :   17
Your Experience-tell us about ur self :    I'm playing cs since 2007, and i'm steamer + i'm a pro and i'm active on servers 

Your Steam ID                    STEAM_0:1:3969431

your steam profile link

Server Name                       :  [b].:: Arabian-Servers.Com ::. [DeathMatch] [/b]

gametracker player stats:
I Will be Active More If You Maked Me Admin Smile
I Arleady Have Account With My nick Galaxy
But I Forgot Password
Thank you for your application.

Request denied.

Unfortunately, you are not active enough. You don't need admin to be active enough.

Reapply when activity level go up.


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