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nea pls diable map nuke and stay nuke32 and add more map
and add system rtv to give chanse for player to change map
and pleas fix time respowne because player whene dead and back to life he move derectly
rank level xp is good idea and he work good
thnk you nea
and i want to add admin model is good and show the new player server is protect from cheter 
and add welcom message plugin i think is good
sory for many work bro 
Added by 36 weeks and 4 days ago

This suggestion

Deathmatch Server

Item Status: Rejected

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: I think only dust maps are good for DM.
And admin model is not good.

36 weeks and 3 days ago
: no all map is good try to play in some this map is good

36 weeks and 3 days ago
: for maps , i guess as brave said it won't add any thing special,
but for rtv yea i guess it's good one , for welcome message? can you explain more

and the item subject (deathmatch) is very bad :D you didn't give me anything unique for this item :D please choose a unique one for example (deathmatch additional maps ..)

36 weeks and 3 days ago
: http://csblackdevil.com/forums/index.php?/topic/229142-amxmodx-welcome-message/

36 weeks and 2 days ago
: and ther is some thing rank level xp easy to get hight level 50 i recharge for anther rank level xp i find this level exp rank hight level 100 and first level 10 kill and restart to 0 when up level and need kill 20 to get 3 level whene you get level 3 restart to 0 and need kill 30 to get level 4 ....ext
so very hard to get hight level or possible need long time ^_^

36 weeks and 2 days ago
: https://www.facebook.com/cs16plugins/photos/this-level-with-grade-(/944041202324209/

36 weeks and 2 days ago
: For welcome message: he doesn't provide the plugin source (there's a rule no source no trust)
For Rank Level: Same not provide the source

36 weeks and 2 days ago
: is work i test in my pc

36 weeks and 1 days ago